flower birch leaf Lines


This flower represents movement and the ability to move into yoga practice, expanding and opening beautifully as one “flowers” in  one’s own yoga.

Birch Leaves

The white birch sheds its bark easily.
The yoga can help shed away what we no longer need.

The Chaga, a wild mushroom that grows on the birch bark, is very beneficial for the health of humans. Yet, the Chaga does not hurt the tree. The birch shows us this symbiotic interconnectedness and support through the act of pure being. Nature is yoga.
Thus, may yoga’s wisdom seep into our daily life and expand our world.

The birch bark has been part of canoes allowing us to explore upon water; its bark has also been therapeutic tea.
May our yoga practice allow us, unwaveringly, to live calmly and relaxed, freeing up our minds and bodies.

Abstract lines

These lines symbolize flow, a dance with life, an expression of energy, a reaching out to others, inner growth, the nadis, the ability to relate to one another while remaining in our centre. The centre is not drawn here; it is felt in its balance.